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1Application Requirements: Airflow and static pressure per original DuctSox design in accordance with published requirements. Warranty is based on inlet velocities up to 1,600 fpm (8.12 m/s). For SkeleCore FTS, a 10 year warranty is available for inlet velocities up to 2,000 fpm (10.16 m/s). Some exceptions may apply.

2Surface Mount represents Half-Round and Quarter-Round systems. The amount of coverage in a prorated warranty is determined using the following logic: A 20 years warranty (pro-rated years 11-20) is covered 100% for years 1 to 10. From years 11 to 20, the remaining years will be covered on a scale from 50% at 10 years and one day, reducing to 0% at the end of year 20.

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Design & Performance Warranty

DuctSox Systems that are designed within our performance criteria, based on DuctSox submittal documents, are covered by a 1 year Design & Performance Warranty. We want to ensure the product performs consistently through the entire heating and cooling cycle for the first year of operation. To ensure a DuctSox System is designed correctly, our Inside Sales and Engineering group are available to provide design assistance. A copy of our design manual can be requested here.

DuctSox fabric ductwork installed above the loading docks of a manufacturing pant.

Product Warranty

Our Product Warranty is for replacement or repair credit based on the amount of the warranty period remaining. The warranty is not available in the form of a cash payment, only as credit towards repair or replacement. The DuctSox Warranty covers materials, fabrication, and performance of the fabric portion of the DuctSox System only. Warranty coverage begins at the time of shipment.

Both the Design & Performance Warranty and the Product Warranty exclude damage to the fabric from improper installation, poor maintenance, abuse, abrasion, caustic chemicals, exposure to high temperature (over 180 degrees Fahrenheit, 82 degrees Celsius), fabric discoloration and shrinkage, or any unauthorized modifications to the DuctSox System. It also does not cover labor, equipment rental, or freight charges incurred as a result of executing the warranty.

The DuctSox warranty is not transferable.