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Air Separation Systems in Data Centers: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Air separation solutions are meant to create separate milieus within an overall space and are intended to keep cool air confined to the locations that need it most.

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DuctSox ductwork installed in a data center cold aisle.

Evolution of Data Center Temperature Control Designs

The world’s appetite for information architecture capacity continues to fuel the growth of the data center industry.

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DuctSox Fabric Ductwork installed in a Data Center about server racks

Data Center Cooling Best Practices: Overhead Installation vs Raised Floor Systems

When designing a data center, few decisions will have a greater impact on the planning process than determining whether to install an overhead or raised floor air dispersion system.

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From The Ground Up News

DuctSox innovations featured in the latest episode of "From the Ground Up"

This series gives a behind the scenes look at the making of Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

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DuctSox fabric ductwork installed above self-storage

Morningstar Storage Shifts to Fabric Ductwork

Summerville, SC

Temperature, humidity and airflow can all be challenges in the storage business, especially during peak move-in times when doors are open for extended periods. One industry leader decided it needed a different approach.

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DuctSox installed in an Aquatic Center

Eliminating “Rust Rain” at the Pullen Aquatic Center

Raleigh, North Carolina

Only six years after the city of Raleigh North Carolina built Pullen, the rust flakes falling from stainless steel ceiling ducts made a shutdown and complete duct removal necessary.

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DuctSox installed in Kalahari Resort and Waterpark

Fabric Ductwork Helps Resort Maintain “Always 84 and Sunny”

Sandusky, Ohio

Due to the harsh environment presented by an indoor pool, the metal air distribution support structure began to erode requiring replacement. DuctSox became the solution for Kalahari’s massive air distribution needs.

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DuctSox Medical Tent Applications

DuctSox supplies air dispersion solution for temporary medical structures

December - 2020

DuctSox was asked to quote a fabric duct system this week for a number of the triage tents/structures that are being raised to address the Corona-19 virus.

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DuctSox ductwork installed in a data center cold aisle.

Controlling server temperatures is a critical challenge for any data center.

Lansing, Michigan

Fabric Ductwork Solves Data Center’s Air Distribution Challenges While Providing Adjustability For Future Expansion

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DuctSox installed in an aquatic center

Recreation and Aquatics Center Case Study

Atlanta, Georgia

The City of Atlanta knew expectations would be high when it opened the Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation & Aquatic Center in late 2017.

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