UFSox Design

To ensure best practices are applied using UFSox - all system designs are prepared by our in house engineers working in collaboration with project engineers. Considerations through the design review include airflow, distance, airflow coverage patterns and static pressure.
Engineering design is required to fully realize the benefis of utilizing a UFSox system. DuctSox experience in UFAD Systems is proven in numerous applications. When engineering UFAD, select an experienced factory support team. 

DuctSox engineers worked with James E Megerson, PE of Larson Binkley, Inc, a consulting engineering firm located in Overland Park, KS and nationally recognized as an industry expert on UFAD systems, to implement a UFSox system System for Rackspace in San Antonio, TX.

Fig 1. Areas needing air distribution.
Figure 1 shows the areas requiring air distribution to reduce temperature rise in supply air due to thermal decay and travelling extended distances from the point where it is introduced into the supply plenum.

Fig 2. UFSox layout and coverage.
Figure 2 demonstrated how UFSox were integrated into the design providing some additional dispersion zones to assist in maintaining more consistent temperature and pressure to outlying areas. For this application, UFSox systems utilize 18" diameter sections delivering approximately 2,100 CFM each. Most of the airflow is dispersed through the engineered active sections near the end of each run (shown in yellow with coverage zones).