SkeleCore FTS Jumbo Series

The SkeleCore FTS Jumbo Series is a larger-scale version of the patented FTS suspension/retention system. With sizes available from 50” to 84” (1,270mm to 2,134mm), Jumbo FTS is ideal for applications with high bay areas where airflow must be distributed to an extremely large area.

Similar to the standard SkeleCore FTS products, Jumbo FTS is the only fabric duct/diffuser system that provides “internal” cylindrical tensioning to keep the fabric round and taut at all times. It maintains the same appearance with or without any air pressure in the duct and improves aesthetics by eliminating fabric sag and wrinkling. Jumbo FTS is ideal when higher aesthetic value is desired, when cycling is frequent, or when systems are designed with variable air volume (VAV). It eliminates disruptive tendencies such as motion and noise upon AHU start-up, especially in hard start applications. Jumbo FTS is suspended with metal-to-metal Direct Hang Cable which is the SAFEST suspension in textile ducting. Fabric longevity is extended by minimizing system movement.

Features and benefits


  • Internal framework system                                      
  • Vertical drops every 6’ (1,829mm)
  • 0% Deflation
    • No draping/sagging, no wrinkles
    • No inflation noise
    • No fabric motion
  • 100% of fabric is in tension, full circumference and length
  • Maximum tensioned section is 42’ (12,802mm)
  • Ideal for VAV applications, lower pressure, and higher velocity designs
  • Independent studies show friction loss is minimal


  • Up to 20 year warranty
  • Longest product life compared to other DuctSox suspension systems

Reduced Time & Materials Cost

  • Material cost, including painting time, can be more than half the cost compared to metal duct
  • Lightweight construction reduces structural steel required for heavier metal duct.
  • Installation time is considerably less than equivalent metal duct (up to 75% less time)

Application types include Aircraft Hangars/Maintenance, Convention Centers, Sporting Venues, and Industrial.

Download a copy of SkeleCore FTS Jumbo Series brochure.

Adding SkeleCore FTS structure in the air stream improves system performance as the minor friction loss (measured at 0.04 in w.g. per 100 foot) offsets static regain experience in a constant diameter system. The pressure balance is taken into account during design to ensure an optimum performing system and does not increase required fan pressure.