Selecting the Shape of a DuctSox System is based on your application needs. DuctSox are available in Round, Half-Round, or Quarter-Round.

Whether horizontal, vertical, or angled, Round DuctSox are available in a variety of suspension and retention systems. For applications where the DuctSox will be mounted against a flat surface (wall, ceiling, or both), the Surface Mount products feature flexibility for shape, configuration, and inlet position (end, top, back).


Oval HVAC Ductwork Now Available!

For many applications, Traditional Round or Half-Round DuctSox may not be the best fit. The depth of the Round DuctSox may hang too low into the space, while Half-Round will save on space, but may not carry the volume of air needed. To solve that, DuctSox now designs and manufactures OvalSox, fabric ductwork in an oval shape. The patent pending design also produces minimal sag when the AHU is off.

Typical Applications

OvalSox are ideal for applications with low head room or when obstructions, such as machinery or equipment that cannot be moved, are in the path of the ductwork. OvalSox can save from 13” up to 27” (330mm up to 686mm) in head room space compared to Traditional Round DuctSox, while still delivering the required airflow volume for the application. For more information, click here.