KitchenSox Traditional

The KitchenSox Traditional product grouping includes the conventional DuctSox product configurations and installation methods. These include our Cylindrical, D-Shape, and Quarter Round shapes with all suspension options, including tension cable, suspended track, and surface mount track.

Cylindrical: For open ceiling environments, the cylindrical shape provides a large air dispersion surface with a simple shape that is both easy to install and maintain. For design purposes, the cylindrical shape offers flexibility in diameter and length. As needed, standard or custom fittings may be incorporated. To minimize deflation when not operating, consider a Hanger Suspension option.

D-Shape: For applications mounting against a flat surface such as a ceiling or wall, our D-Shape model provides extended surface area for air dispersion. The semi-cylindrical shape is custom made for each application and is available in sizes from 12 to 36 inch diameter. Airflow can be supplied from top or end of product. D-Shape can also be mounted to ceiling or wall (horizontal or vertical).

Quarter-Round: For applications including two adjacent surfaces, our quarter round shape offers a unique dispersion capability. Airflow can be supplied from top, side or end. Quarter Round can be mounted to wall-ceiling (horizontal) or wall-wall (vertical) configurations.