KitchenSoxTM Commercial Kitchen Ductwork

Commercial and industrial kitchens require high volumes of supply airflow with minimal drafts for nearby exhaust hoods and equipment. With conventional diffusers, there are many common problems that can affect employee comfort and food safety. KitchenSox products offer commercial kitchens the answer.

KitchenSox are textile air dispersion products that provide unique solutions for commercial and industrial kitchens & food preparation environments.

  • Air is evenly dispersed through highly porous fabric, eliminating drafts and condensation.
  • Dirt deposits on the diffuser and adjacent ceiling tiles are reduced.
  • Fabric panels can be easily removed for laundering.

Effluent, heat, and odors can quickly contaminate kitchens and food prep areas. There are many common problems associated with poor air dispersion—problems that can occur even when proper exhaust equipment is in place. KitchenSox can alleviate the following:

  • Localized drafts affecting hood performance and employee comfort.
  • Potential dirt and grease deposits on the diffuser face and nearby ceiling tiles.
  • Condensation on diffuser may raise health risks.

Fabric Options:

  • DT fabrics offer a silver color choice in a low maintenance, micro-perforated polyester fabric. Open outlets minimize filtering and extend periods between maintenance.
  • Rx fabrics feature an antimicrobial treated, air permeable woven fabric. The lightweight fabric can be easily cleaned and offers secondary filtration for make up air.

DuctSox were initially developed to disperse refrigerated airflow in food processing facilities. Kitchens are different, but benefit from the fabric in many of the same ways. Generally smaller in size, sizing and locating the textile air dispersion panels in kitchens can be a challenge. To be flexible for optimum design, KitchenSox solutions are available in a wide variety of products.

Product Options:

  • MetalPan: Easily removed fabric face capable of up to 1,000 CFM (472 l/s) per. Sizes of 24x24 (610x610mm) or 24x48 (610x1220mm).
  • All-Fabric: Easily removed fabric face and backpanel capable of up to 1,000 CFM (472 l/s) per. Sizes of 24x24 (610x610mm), 24x48 (610x1220mm), 24x96 (610x2440mm) or custom.
  • Half-Round: For finished ceiling, larger dispersion panel for higher volume. Airflow enters from top or end. Custom.
  • Quarter-Round: For finished ceiling/wall location, larger dispersion panel for higher volume. Airflow enters from top, back or end. Custom.
  • Round: For open or high ceiling applications, system acts as duct and diffuser. Custom.

Performance Proven

In kitchen environments, high velocity air dispersion disrupts hood capture performance. The Food Service Technology Center’s research revealed that airflow supplied by fabric in kitchen areas ensures containment at lower airflow rates when compared to traditional four-way style diffusers.

During testing, hood capture with KitchenSox products neared results of adjacent wall-mounted displacement diffusers. Beyond better performance than normal ceiling-mounted diffusers, the improved capture may allow users to reduce airflow rates and maintain capture at lower flow rates. As a result, easing energy costs.

For more information, reference the KitchenSox product brochure in the Media Library.

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