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BladeTec | HVLS Fans

It's all in the blade

The high volume, low speed (HVLS) fan is designed to circulate the air in your facility more efficiently and effectively.

Rotating at an optimized low speed, a BladeTec HVLS fan moves the most air over the largest area at the lowest cost. This allows for maximum cooling and “destratification” (the process of keeping the temperature consistent from floor to ceiling), reducing a facility’s energy consumption by up to thirty percent.

Note: BladeTec HVLS fans are not available in North America.

BladeTec Celsius After

Year-round energy savings

A space without an HVLS fan will have uneven temperature zones that waste energy dollars. The hot air accumulates at the ceiling and the cold air will sink to the floor, making your HVAC system inefficient and increasing your energy consumption.

Save money in the winter

An HVLS fan operating during winter will mix the warmer air at the ceiling with the cooler air at the floor to even the temperature throughout the space. This process is called “destratification.” The fan gathers the warm air and pushes it down in a conical shape until it reaches the floor. It then flows out horizontally in all directions, filling the space. This can reduce a facility’s energy consumption by up to 30%.

BladeTec Airflow

Save money in the summer

Operating in the same space during the summer, an HVLS fan will circulate the air and make it more comfortable by decreasing the effective temperature up to 10°C. It’s the ideal supplement to your air conditioning because it allows you to raise your settings as much as 2.7°C with little change in comfort. That means you’ll reduce your summertime energy consumption by as much as 20%.

BladeTec Full Line

Product Brochure

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