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DuctSox with a custom logo installed in a manufacturing plant.

Equipment for Medical Emergency Tents

Customizable Airflow Solutions

Emergency medical tents are an essential component of any disaster response and rapid deployment for emergency preparedness. Many of these temporary structures are used for emergency care, triage, mobile testing, decontamination, and more.

During the current COVID-19 pandemic these emergency facilities are part of proactive preparations for the anticipated surge of patients coming to emergency rooms with mild symptoms. The tents, along with other medical tent equipment, are a critical protective measure, as they allow hospitals to separate suspected COVID-19 patients from the general hospital population. The tents also help the hospitals efficiently conserve personal protective equipment (PPE) as they are designed for minimal staffing.

A key design element to these structures is to establish a temperature-controlled environment while reducing the risk of contamination. For optimum design, DuctSox air dispersion products are available in a variety of fabrics and shape configurations with many added benefits required in these demanding environments.

DuctSox Fabric DuctWork installed above the loading docks of a manufacturing plant.

Next Steps

When designing a fabric system, DuctSox engineers will detail performance and design requirements while creating a custom solution for your application.

In addition to design assistance, DuctSox provides an extensive Engineering and Design Manual that will guide you through the key elements of a DuctSox system.

Whether for a new building or retrofitting an existing space, DuctSox Airflow Solutions just make more sense than metal ductwork.

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DuctSox fabric vs metal white paper preview graphic

Fabric vs Metal

Systems that utilize fabric, such as DuctSox, provide targeted, precise and efficient air dispersion for new construction and retrofit projects. Additional benefits include a total lifetime ownership cost that is significantly less than a comparable metal ductwork layout and the ability for a system to be custom designed based on the application.

Whether for a new building or retrofitting an existing space, the benefits of utilizing a fabric airflow system outweigh those of metal ductwork.

Learn more about the advantages of fabric today!

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DuctSox Fabric Opti-X Silver Image

DuctSox Hygienic Advantages

DuctSox air dispersion solutions provide better indoor air quality, better environmental control; and a better cleaning experience.

  • Targeted air dispersion options prevent condensation buildup 
  • DuctSox Opti-X fabric controls the growth and spread of bacteria, fungi, and molds in critical environments

  • Antimicrobial, medical grade and shed proof fabric

  • Can be laundered

  • Healthier environment

Reduced Condensation with Fabric

The following features of fabric ductwork reduce the risk of condensation:

  • Entire duct is comprised of breathable fabric material, condensation is not able to form or rest on the exterior of the duct
  • Targeted air dispersion helps prevent condensation on walls, ceilings, floors and production equipment

  • Features a zippered section design to allow for sections to be removed, commercially laundered, and re-installed

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