UnderfloorSox (UFSox) are the best solution for UFAD Systems to supply air to perimeter and special high heat load zones. The key advantages of UnderFloorSox are:

UFSox Advantages
  • Even air dispersion
  • High Entrainment Ratios
  • Low Volume Discharge/lin. ft
  • Adjustable end cap for variable flow
  • Engineered vent and orifice design
Air Porous Fabric
  • Eliminate risk of condensation
  • Reduce Heat Loss or Thermal Decay especially over extended distances
Simple Assembly & Installation
  • Light weight, easy to handle
  • Modular and zippered straight sections and fittings to meet the standard access floor height cavities from 12” to 18”
  • UFSox lay on the floor and are positively located using tension cables at ends of straight runs and elbows
  • Reconfigurable- modular zippered sections allow for future re-design
Lower Project Cost
  • Less equipment costs (fabric is less than metal)
  • Less Installation Time
  • Limited on site fabrication time and/or costs
  • Low shipping cost
  • Minimum Damage potential
For additional information regarding these products or for design support, please contact our sales group at 866-382-8769 or sales@ductsox.com