Why Fabric?
LabSOX Video

View Testimonials on SkeleCore FTS from both a sheet metal contractor and end user. It was easier and less strenuous to hang than metal ductwork!   

UFSox are engineered distribution and dispersion systems that provide uniform temperature and pressure for raised access floors.

Are metal diffusers causing drafts that affect hood performance, cleanliness, food safety, and employee comfort? KitchenSox products offer your commercial kitchen the answer you’ve been looking for!

Are caustic chemicals wreaking havoc on your ducts? Looking for a solution when bringing fresh air into this type of industrial setting? Give ChemSox a try!

LabSox are unique air dispersion systems that offer reduced discharge velocities for critical environments such as wet chemistry labs, microscopy, laser/optics, and more.

Personalize your DuctSox fabric air dispersion system with a logo, school name, company name, or slogan!

Our patented Adjustable Flow Device (AFD) helps control airflow. Check it out.

DuctSox and Snips Magazine at AHR New York. See some footage from the show.

Introducing OvalSox! Oval HVAC Ductwork now available!

Go to the Media Library for our new and improved Engineering and Design Manual! 

KitchenSox in Food & Beverage Magazine! KitchenSox Air Diffusers reduce costs and odor infiltration for Bridges Restaurant & Bar in California.

SkeleCore FTS is now patented! A suspension system like no other and only available at DuctSox!

Some exciting project news! SkeleCore FTS is installed above the Space Shuttle Endeavour at its new home, the California Science Center in Los Angeles, California. For the case study, click here.

Installation of the NEW SkeleCore FTS is a snap! Or, more accurately, a Click and a Twist! Watch the new SkeleCore FTS Installation Video to see just how easy it is!

Have you seen the Energy Study comparing the efficiency of fabric duct to metal? For the quick version, check out our new video on Energy Efficiency.