Surface Mount Track


Anodized aluminum track is available for select fabric options and is designed to be affixed to a flat surface using anchors or T-Bar snap clips. Flush Mount Track is available for one row suspension options and all Surface Mount Models. Gliders are spaced every 24 inches along the length to ensure proper support. Cord-In attachment options allow for continuous support for smaller diameter sections. The system consists of 8 foot sections of Flush Mount Track, couplers, end caps, surface mount clips, and, if required, T-Bar connection clips for installation to a common T-Bar ceiling.






The D-Shape or Quarter-Round DuctSox is an option for low profile applications where flush mounting to the ceiling and/or wall is required. Applications can vary from environments such as classrooms and  laboratories to office settings where low ceiling heights are common. Anodized aluminum flush mounted C-Track is easily anchored to fixed ceiling surfaces or installed to a T-Bar grid system using standard mounting clips provided by DuctSox. The cord-in feature helps maintain an inflated and pleasing appearance even when deflated. Standard diameters are 8” to 38”, but others may be available. The air inlet to a Surface Mount DuctSox can be either top-down through the ceiling or from the end through the wall.
For applications with finished ceilings or specialty airflow requirements
1-5% Deflation
Minimum noise & fabric motion
D-Shape 2 Row C-Track at 3 & 9 o’clock
Quarter-Round 2 Row C-Track at 3 & 6 o’clock