SkeleCore FTS

SkeleCore FTS (Fabric Tensioning System) stands alone as the only textile ducting/diffuser system that provides cylindrical tensioning to keep the fabric round and taut at all times. SkeleCore FTS maintains the same appearance with or without any air pressure in the duct. SkeleCore FTS is ideal when higher aesthetic value is desired, when cycling is frequent, or when systems are designed with variable air volume. SkeleCore FTS eliminates disruptive tendencies such as motion and noise upon AHU start-up, especially in hard start applications. SkeleCore FTS features a unique metal-to-metal Direct Hang Cable method which is the SAFEST suspension in textile ducting. Fabric longevity is extended by minimizing system movement at fabric seams, attachment points, and fittings.
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Features, Advantages, and Benefits

  • Keeps textile duct round and taut at all times, with or without air pressure.
  • Eliminates fabric sagging, drooping, and wrinkles.
  • Prevents inflation pop (noise) and disruptive fabric motion at start-up.
  • Ideal for applications requiring VAV and/or frequent cycling.
  • Vertical Hanging Suspension System eliminates need for horizontal suspension (Tension    Cable or Track) and stress on fabric attachment points and seams.
  • Cylindrical Tensioning Ring allows for up to 5” of fabric take-up per tensioned section.
  • Available in diameters from 8” to 60” (2” increments).
  • Available in porous (Sedona-Xm and Verona) and non-porous (TufTex and DuraTex) fabrics in a variety of colors.
  • Several air outlet options including Linear Vents, Orifices, SG Grommets, and Fixed or Adjustable Nozzles.
  • All fittings including Elbows, Tees, Crosses, and Reducers are available.
  • All the benefits of textile ducting including uniform air dispersion, versatile airflow designs, lightweight, reduced installation times, and fabrics that are non-condensating, non-corrosive, and launderable.
  • Independent studies show that friction loss is minimal.
  • Higher inlet velocity designs.
  • Up to a 20 year warranty.

“Core” Reasons to Choose SkeleCore FTS

Reason #1: SkeleCore Framework
The Internal Framework System (IFS) of SkeleCore FTS is a fabric support system constructed of lightweight metallic rings (CTRs and IRs) and aluminum Spacer Tubing.

Reason #2: Fabric Tensioning System
SkeleCore FTS includes the innovative CTR to create the desired level of fabric tautness and shape. The CTR is located at the inlet and end of every tensioned section. A tensioned section can be as long as 42’ and can be connected to another tensioned section extending the overall length. The CTR is easily adjusted with the wrench provided. As it is adjusted, it expands the Internal Framework System up to 5”, pulling the fabric taut and round.


Reason #3: Vertical Hanging Suspension System
SkeleCore FTS uses Direct Hang Cable mounting, the SAFEST of all suspension systems for textile ducting. Direct Hang Cable drops spaced every 6’ transfer the weight of the Internal Framework System directly to the ceiling structure. This eliminates the need to support any weight through attachment points and seams. SkeleCore FTS can be designed with higher inlet velocities and extended warranties up to 15 years.



8" - 60" diameter (203mm - 1,524mm)
Internal framework system
Vertical drops every 6’ (1,829mm)
No sagging / No wrinkles
Longest product life
Higher design velocities
0% Deflation
No inflation noise
No fabric motion at start-up
Ideal for VAV applications