Adjustable Flow Device (AFD)

Airflow control is critical in HVAC air dispersion. The zip-in Adjustable Flow Device (AFD) offers variable resistance to balance static regain, balance airflow to branches, reduce turbulence, and reduce abrupt start-ups. The patented AFD is a polyester mesh cone with a factory set or field adjustable hemmed drawstring aperture for air balancing DuctSox Fabric Ductwork Systems. 

Except at the inlet, all AFD’s are pre-set from the factory and should not require field balancing. The inlet AFD can be adjusted for airflow turbulence.




Specifically, the AFD offers:

  • Ajustable flow restriction to adjust for static regain
  • Reduced in-duct turbulence at outlets or at fittings.
  • Staged inflation and reduces abrupt start-ups.
  • Balanced airflow and static pressure in trunk lines and branch ducts.
  • Reduced maintenance requirements with static flow straightening devices.