The KitchenSox Traditional product grouping includes the conventional DuctSox product configurations and installation methods. These include our Cylindrical, D-Shape, and Quarter Round shapes with all suspension options, including tension cable, suspended track, and surface mount track.

All-Fabric: To ensure ease of use, our KitchenSox products include all the traditional product configurations plus two innovative D-Fusers - the All-Fabric and MetalPan models. Both feature a removable fabric assembly and snap frame that simplifies installation and maintenance. For existing applications, D-Fuser Retrofit Kits are available to outfit most industry standard metal backpans.

MetalPan: The MetalPan KitchenSox combines the traditional metal backpan with the unique advantages of a fabric face for improved airflow performance using an industry standard installation method. The construction features a metal backpan with snap frame and fabric face. The shallow 6-inch depth of the face provides a low profile dispersion panel, yet delivers excellent performance.

Retrofit: For exisitng facilties, retrofit kits are available. For more information on how KitchenSox can fit your application please call 866-DuctSox.