DataSox- Air Dispersion for Data Centers

Data centers of today consume high levels of power to maintain an optimal level of performance. Many factors contribute to the overall usage of this power, but one of the most significant components is conditioning the equipment space. As the data center industry continues to grow, the following critical airflow challenges need to be addressed:

  • Targeted Air Dispersion
  • Temperature Consistency
  • Air Containment 

​With these challenges in mind DuctSox has developed the first directionally adjustable air displacement system for the data center industry.  The air displacement portion of the DataSox places large volumes of air within the cold aisle with low velocity while the adjustability allows for higher wattage server targeting. Minimal hot air entrainment is achieved, eliminating or reducing the need for physical containment structures, while lowering construction costs and getting better PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) ratings. 


Features and Benefits:


  • Special Designed Fabric
    • Combination of anti-static and highly porous materials optimize airflow
  • 100% Customizable
  • Adjustable Nozzles
    • Spot Cooling
    • Direct Air Placement
  • Adapts to changes in rack configurations
  • Fabric is easy to move when needing to inspect and work on equipment


  • Larger Volumes of Air
  • Reduced Dispersion Velocities
    • Less Noise
    • Less Spillage
    • Less Cold Aisle Contamination
  • Consistent Temperatures
  • Increase Service Life of Equipment
  • Comfortable Work Environment

Reduced Time & Materials Cost

  • Eliminate Physical Containment
    • Material cost, can be reduced by over 50% compared to equivalent metal system
  • Lightweight construction makes it ideal for retrofit applications
  • Installation time is considerably less than equivalent metal system (up to 75% less time)
  • No painting or balancing required


DataSox products are not only ideal for data centers of the future, but can be easily retrofitted to resolve airflow issues in existing facilities.

For more information, reference the DataSox product brochure in the Media Library.

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