Silencer Fabric Sound Attenuator Brochure



DuctSox’s latest innovation is the first of its kind silencer made out of fabric! The concept utilizes several other innovations, such as our patented SkeleCore Technology for structure. The Silencer can be used in place of a metal silencer or acoustically-lined ducting to absorb or prevent incoming noise from reaching the occupied space. 

Many applications leave little, or no, mechanical space to place sound attenuators. The Silencer is installed in the occupied space, offering an aesthetically pleasing appearance that can be customized to match your DuctSox System’s fabric type and color.

Depending on noise absorption required, the Silencer is available with or without an internal bullet and available in diameters 12” to 30”.

General Information

Inlet Diameter:         12” to 30”

Wall thickness:        4”

Length:                     Varies based on diameter

Weight (lbs):            Varies based on diameter

Materials:                 UL-Classified DuctSox fabric, rock wool, and specialized fabric interior

Material meets the flame and smoke development of NFPA 90 – of < than 25 flame and < 50 smoke development when tested in accordance with ASTM E84.

The laboratory method used in conducting sound testing in accordance with ASTM Standard E477-2013 (standard test method for laboratory measurements of acoustical and airflow performance of duct liner materials and pre-fabricated silencers). Sound pressure level data was obtained using a Brüel and Kjaer Pulse Analyzer. 

Application types include Retail, Libraries, Office Space, Education, Lecture Halls, Auditoriums, Churches, Yoga Studios, Testing Facilities, and more.

The DuctSox Silencer Fabric Sound Attenuator comes with a 5 year warranty.