Indoor air quality is a growing concern on a global scale. Investigations are proving that airborne dust, bacteria, fungus and mold spores are elevating health risks for individuals who work, live or visit in these environments. Single stage filtration often utilizes 30-40% efficient filters to reduce frequent replacement maintenance required for single stage higher efficient filters. Designed to work with traditional pre-filters - DuctSox Final Filter offers higher efficient filtration benefits without an added cost of a second filtration station in your HVAC system. By filtering the air as it enters the DuctSox system not only keeps the system cleaner, it cleans the air before you breath it.  


Typical filtration is designed to reduce dirt build up in your HVAC equipment. By filtering air as it enters a DuctSox system, you are improving air quality. Take a look at some of the Final Filter benefits.

Capture Dirt
A final filter at the inlet of a DuctSox system greatly reduces the amount of particles that pass into and through the DuctSox system

Positvie Pressure Side Location
Gaps around filters operating in a negative pressure environment allow dirt to pass through unobstructed. Depending on the environment, this could significantly reduce the filter efficiency. On the positive pressure side, a zip-in final filter cleans 100% of the air that will be dispersed. High quality zippers and a complete exterior overlap ensures minimal airflow leakage before the filter. .

Space Conservation
By adding a filter bay in the air handling unit, or in the ductwork plan will take up a significant amount of space. Placing a pliable final filter inside of the DuctSox system eliminates that space.

Easy Replacement
By locating the final filter in the conditioned space, the inlet of the DuctSox may be easily accessed to replace the filter. Simply unzip and replace.

Special Considerations
Including a DuctSox Final Filter requires customer involvement. Different than traditional filtration, a DuctSox final filter may not be obvious to the average customer. If included, the customer will want to consider:

  • Pre-filter required for extended life
  • Sufficient static pressure available
  • Inlet location / replacement
  • Replacement of filters

A key consideration is the commitment to filtration. If the customer decides to remove the filters, as with any system, the overall balance of the HVAC system will be effected, resulting in additional airflow and potential performance concerns.