Why Fabric Ductwork?

Fabric Advantages & Benefits

DuctSox Fabric Duct and Diffuser Systems have many advantages and benefits, many of which are green and can be helpful in attaining LEED credits.

Simplified Design/Uniform Air Dispersion: This means less ductwork! Because the entire DuctSox System is a diffuser, air can be supplied to the occupied space in a more efficient pattern. DuctSox Systems may be designed with fittings similar to metal ductwork, including many standard zippered fittings and unlimited customization to match any application requirements. (Check out our Smoke Test Video in our Video Library!)

Cost Savings/Minimal Labor Hours: The cost of a DuctSox System is 20 to 80% less than metal. The cost savings of air porous DuctSox are even more dramatic when compared to insulated/double-wall spiral metal duct or premium materials. There is also considerable savings in the labor time required to install DuctSox versus a comparable metal system. It may require 10 times more labor (man hours) to install metal and the savings increase with diameter.

Lightweight/Easy to Ship: The weight of a DuctSox System can be significantly less than a comparable metal system. Designing with DuctSox Systems means lighter roof loads, ease of handling, and reduced need for power lifting equipment. DuctSox can be packaged and shipped to your location from any of our manufacturing facilities. Smaller and lighter packages reduce transportation costs and damage.

Quiet: With a properly designed DuctSox System, air is delivered quietly and without the resonating properties found in metal. Additionally, DuctSox fabrics provide noise absorption benefits in the occupied space.

Air Porous: Air passing through the fabric may eliminate the risk of condensation and deflect airborne dust from accumulating on DuctSox surfaces.

Hygienic: Some of our fabrics feature an active antimicrobial agent that inhibits bacteria growth.

Easy to Maintain/Clean: Cleaning metal ductwork can be expensive—these costs are often overlooked. A dirty duct (interior) can be a leading contributor to sick building syndrome and human health problems. When it comes time to clean your DuctSox System, it can be easily removed and laundered. The cleaning process can involve either vacuum cleaning and/or hand or machine washing depending on the fabric. DuctSox Systems are designed with zippered sections for ease of handling and are sized to fit into industrial washing machines.

Ease of Use: Lightweight, simple, and easy installation/removal.

Forgiving: DuctSox fabrics will not dent or scratch like metal ductwork.

Colorful/Personalization: Our fabrics are available in a variety of standard colors and patterns, including custom colors to match any interior decor. DuctSox can personalize your DuctSox System---advertise your company or school logos, mascots, inspirational sayings, sponsors, or suppliers.

GREEN Advantages: In addition to having recycled options for some of our fabrics, other Green advantages include:

Improved Air Quality
Reduced Solid Waste
Conserved Resources
Lower Construction Costs
Lower Operating Costs
Improved Productivity
Comfortable Environment
Healthy Environment
Uniform air dispersion which results in more effective air distribution
Less packaging, minimal jobsite waste
Reduced material use, less energy to ship, less labor and resources required to install
Lower equipment costs, reduced installation costs, structural savings (lightweight)
Increased efficiency of air delivery, reduced maintenance costs, no painting
Better airflow increases comfort, more aesthetically pleasing
Quiet air delivery and uniform air dispersion, better ventilation effectiveness
Cleaner distribution systems, launderable, no mold, no condensation, uniform environment


Also, see our Energy Efficiency Video in our Video Library!