V-Series Fabric Displacement Diffuser









DuctSox's latest technology V-Series fabric diffuser is a displacement diffuser designed to enhance control of potentially hazardous airborne contaminants commonly found in laboratories and healthcare facilities.  

The unique V-Series diffusers use directional displacement that helps control the dispersion of air to more effectively dilute and remove airborne contaminants.  This maximizes protection for people while minimizing the volume of airflow and cost of operation airflow. 



Reduces Airflow Requirements and Energy Consumption by up to 50% Compared to Metal


Features and Benefits

  • 360° Even Air Dispersion
  • Directional Displacement
  • Low Flow Supports Environments Operating as Low as 2 Air Changes per Hour (ACH)
  • Proven Performance
  • Low Flow Control of Airborne Pathogens
  • Lower Ceiling Load
  • Easy Installation
  • Removable Fabric Face
  • Ventilation Effectiveness Verified
  • Maintenance Elements Accessible Below the Ceiling
  • Up to 70% Recycled Content



Product Sheet

Application Guide


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